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The Guide Paco Pad 2" X 28" X 72" Firm Foam, Waterproof and Self Inflating

After you sleep one night on a Paco Pad, it is hard to imagine using anything else on the river.  The problem is getting your friend to lend you one to test out.  They are so handy to keep around the house even when you are not on the river.  Many customers purchase them as spare bedding for their homes.

Each Paco Pad has a water tight air valve that will allow you to roll it up and keep the air from getting inside.  Therefore when you want to go to bed, simply press the side release buckles to release the straps, and open the valve.  The Pad will inflate itself.  It needs no extra air to make it work and a small puncture from a cactus needle or a valve left open will not affect a successful night of sleeping.  The foam on the Small, Full, Guide, and Super is extra dense and firm.  The density of the foam allows the pad to be rolled up many times without breaking down the foam inside.  The Silverback is huge.  It has 2 valves, and it has extra dense and extra soft foam.  It is the feather bed of outdoor camping pads. 

Paco Pads provide extra safety on rafts by padding those hard spots where passengers may hit or get pinched when in the middle of a rapid.  They provide insulation to coolers.  Most of our customers prefer to leave their pads unrolled on the boat during the day, so they can lounge on top of coolers and boxes while riding on the boat

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