About Tuff River Stuff

River Ray's Tuffriverstuff was born in commercial rafting in Colorado's Royal Gorge. We've personally experienced many river trips including the amazing Grand Canyon!  Because of what we see we strive to make gear that won't blow out. What we make here is the best there is. We strive to put you into the best possible package for your needs.

Ray at Gonzo's MemorialI make rafting gear with the best marine quality materials. My background in marine canvas prepared me for the rafting trade.  I use UV resistant Dacron thread, over strong in the first place. Points that I think will take stress are built tuff beyond all reason. The bottoms of bags for instance are sewn three times around and are double thick. Enjoying the pride of craftsmanship runs deep in this little shop and is apparent in everything that leaves here.

We frequently get thank-you notes and e-mails from our customers and we don't ever want that to stop. We retail other companies' products here only if we KNOW them to be the best available gear for the money. We provide everything at the best possible price and extend our warranty in addition to the manufacturers. 

Welcome aboard! You will be very happy with what you buy here.