Boom Box Kayak Toilet


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Eco- Safe, (GTS, Inc.) introduces their newest 20 use washable and reusable toilet system, the model SK BOOMBOX. This totally new model was designed to fit into the limited storage spaces of canoes and kayaks but can also be used anywhere when compact storage and lightweight are needed.

The model SK BOOMBOX is a complete system which has a 2.3 gal tank, self storing full sized seat that's been tested to 330 lbs., chemical/spray bottle for cleanup, wash out kit for flushing, and carrying handle/strap. Stowed dimensions are only 13.5" x 9.0" x 8.0" and weigh just over 4lbs.

A pressure relief vent and buttress threaded, gasketed closures are included. All tank corners are well rounded for easy cleaning. Meets BLM, NPS, and USFS requirements for washable and reusable toilet systems.