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All natural, hand-made love for your hands! Mom's stuff is the best preventative maintenance that we've found for chapped, cracked, dry river hands. 

We carry two sizes, .75 oz and 2.4 oz.  The larger size might make it through a Grand Canyon size trip if you aren't sharing it around camp!  The smaller size is perfect for pockets and backpacks.

Lee developed Mom's Stuff for herself and her husband's hands and feet as they take such a beating while they are working and playing in Utah's dry climate.  Lee is a painter, gardener, equestrian and Mom.  Joe is a potter, gardener, river guide and Dad.  A huge hunk of their lives is spent out doors and working hard with thier hands.  Lee gathers and grows as many of the ingredients she can and purchases the other ingredients locally.  She makes each batch of Mom's Stuff herself with a bit of help from her daughter.  This is a "slow" business, a local business and the brainchild of a really nice lady. 

We highly recommend it!