Lifeline Throw Bag

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After testing 15 of the best throw bags in the country for 90 days, at three different Coast Guard Stations, including the National Motor Life Boat School, "Lifeline" by Downstream Products, Inc. came out on top. They found it throws better, re-packs easier, is more durable, highly visible and has the highest quality line. As a result of these tests, "Lifeline" has been authorized for purchase by the Coast Guard under Change Two to the Rescue Survival Systems Manual Comdinst 10470.10
For water rescues, one of the most versatile and most useful, yet least expensive, pieces of equipment is the throw bag. Lifeline is being used by Swiftwater Rescue instructors, Firefighters, Sheriff's departments and Search and Rescue personnel throughout the nation. Whitewater boaters have been using Lifeline since 1978. Whenever you need a reliable, foolproof method of throwing line on any body of water, quite simply, this is the best throw bag for the money!